Can You Believe It Testo

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Testo Can You Believe It

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I really like the makeup sex
It's the only kind I ever get
And when I'm gazing longingly in your eyes
It's not for you but the self I left behind

Can you believe it
Can you believe it
Can you believe it felt so wrong?
Can you believe it
Can you believe it
Can you believe it feels so right?

I'm sharpening the ship on my shoulder
As I get angrier I get older
There are fewer and fewer people to complain to
So I built a ship of shit and direct it at you

Can you believe it...

I'll show you mine
If you show me the time of day
In your cradlers'glove
We'll drink some wine, with the passing of time
We will surely make love

Can you believe it...

I love you baby
I don't know why
It's the chemicals I see in your eyes
And when you touch me, I feel kind of numb
I need you like a baby needs to suck his thumb

Can you believe...

I love you baby I don't know why
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