Who Was I Kidding? Testo

Testo Who Was I Kidding?

Left the pain before the dawn She never thought it would or could be easy Been inclined to carry on Hold my hard head And watch you walk out on me See the tears one by one They fall down my hard head Forever Forevermore Fall around into the ground Deep down Far as you can Go out tonight & meet the dawn again It'd be nice to see an old friend Learn to accept the things I am I never liked myself before Now even less When it rains it pours Down my hard head forever Forevermore Fall down into the ground Deep down Far as you can Who was I kidding? Who was I kidding? Oh, your record label hasn't come through yet You've gained some weight And all you can think is When the Romeo's gonna show Oh, I know, babe, You're the best thing yet But take it from me I would if I could Fuck it all Your mother loves you Your daddy needs you Your brother feeds you Far as you can Who was I kidding?

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