Year Of The Dragon Testo

Testo Year Of The Dragon

(Martha's song on The McGarrigle Hour CD from 1998)

Here comes the daddy
He's gonna knock me off my feet
Here comes the daddy
He's gonna knock us off our feet
Won't have to push too hard with me
I'm at the time these days where I'm easy

I will take the plunge & I will fall
I'll get up when I hit the floor
Falling down
Watching the world rise above my head
Sky opens & something somewhere
Becomes dead
Becomes dead
Something's born

Natural or environmental
My freewheeling towards the emotional
I will not hoard my chips
I will put them all on the table
I will win them back
I know that I'm able

I was born in the Year of The Dragon
The one to prize
Where everything & everybody
Is on my side
I've got you on my side

Twenty one is a good age to be
Forgiven your faults & praised
For the newness of one of your ideas
Some people hate me
They say that I'm too free
But one day soon I'll be just like them
And hate people just like me
So let me be
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