Left My Band Testo

Testo Left My Band

Yesterday I left my band
Took my girlfriend by the hand
And I said let´s leave this place

So we ran and took the train
But I saw it was the same
It was just a different land
without my band!

So we travelled but my soul
Always missed the rock `n´ roll
Went to church to find my way
Still I don´t know how to pray
I don´t think that it would help me
God cannot see what I do
I´m the devil and the drumset is my tool!

Now I had to sell myself
To the worst man here on earth
Worked the whole day in his to mysterious store

His shop was called useful things
He sold everything I think
So we packed or things at night
And we left him

With the money I had earned
We could take the train back home
After some time we got back
But I still felt so alone
So I visited my band
I´m bound to ramble and I know
That I´ll always need the rock
to feed my soul.

It´s a waste of time to travel
If you don´t know where to go
Because that would only mean
that you´re a fool without a home
And I can´t believe that there´s nobody else
who feels like us
You should do it just like me
and take the bus!
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