The Moralizer's Way Testo

Testo The Moralizer's Way

"It´ll be alright"

Somehow runnin´
Somehow stumblin´
in circles and in vain
Then I stopped chasing
threw in my cards
´cause the world made me insane
I have reached the ceiling
fair enough
but I hope we´ll keep in touch
this time
It´ll be alright

feels as if I´m in
an uneven war
Though I´m drowsy
I will make sure
that I won´t mess with me no more
For I know this evening
you´ll be there
you and me, but don´t be scared
this night it´ll be alright

"The Moralizer´s Way"

When the page is blank there´s nothing more to say
Seems as if I aim too high at least today
I have tried to turn around a thousand times
So I used to close my eyes to find in dreams what I can´t find in life

Let it be they say
when you try to save the day
Never say a word and scream hurray
And don´t doubt that it is good this way
Every day is grey
that´s the moralizer´s way
When the party´s over scream hurray
though it leaves a bitter taste

"See the light"

One thought has crossed my mind today
What if I could use this song to say
Goodbye to the cold and rainy days
But that´s not the wall that blocks my way
Have you ever thought that your life could be too short
´cause you never can go back in time
So the things that occurred, a wedding or divorce,
you can only keep them in your mind
And my heart tells me I should give my life another try

So I´ll use this evening
to see the light
though I still can´t say goodbye
This time
It´ll be alright
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