I Really Like It Testo

Testo I Really Like It

[Mase] You make me feel... It's the real thing girl! Talk about it, talk about it What you want, huh? [Cardan] One two, one two Yeah yeah yeah yeah One two, one two Hah hah hah One two, one two Yeah yeah yo, yo, yo Yo, nowadays girls be out for the money and things But to me it's all sweet when I'm runnin' my game I give 'em nothing but game till it's stuck in their brain So once it's stuck in they brain, yeah my funnin' began I'm in the want-ad, lookin' for a special woman That's gonna gimme what I need anytime I want it I take a cruise to Aruba, I'll bring you wit me Then let you float out on the beach With the string o' yo' "G" I need a pretty momma Silly momma, diddy poppa Like that go to Great Adventure in they mini-chopper That get her own chips, push her own six And make me do my sits when I finish my dips [K. Price] 1 - I like it, I like it I really really like it You want it and you know it But you play hard to get boy I like it, I like it I really really like it You want it and you know it But you play hard to get boy [Stase] Yo, real chicks do real things Like find a man wit' a deal that still wanna sling Always speak my mind whenever I feel things Probably got no wings but I'mma still swing And my real chicks feel what I mean Am I right? Am I tight? Do this chick bring it to the light Is my body so right I could even attract a dyke Uh Baby Stase, uh Baby Stase While you was lovin' John Doe I copped a condo While you was layin' backs down, I was layin' tracks down I see it for a fact now, it's intact now It's no need to beef, it's my turn to eat Bring the drama to a cease, cars I don't lease I push a Green Z-3, watch a screen TV, what I'ma forever rise Rings be tetra-size Girls be petrified It's a heavy meza-ride Repeat 1 [Mase] Yeah kid Harlem on the rise All Out, All Out Yo, you better do what I say yo Get this through your head-o Long time comin', but waitin for my date-o My man Blake-o, leave the scene hardly awake-o If he could take three shots, he could take four I'm on the low though But wit a lot of dough tho' And I hate a smart chick givin' me a dodo That gimme mo' pleasin', and mo' reason Just to lay up in Cali in the Four Season Wit' a chick half Black, half Indonesian Appalachian, I know this sound unbelievin' Switch the rim's on the Benz every four seasons Open up a new account just to through G's in Got Blink chick follow me for no reason And my girl stick around if she know I'm cheatin', what Harlem World, Harlem World the clique Harlem World the clique, come on now Repeat 1 Repeat 1 [Mase] Yeah kid Harlem on the rise And you don't want no problem with us guys All Out, All Out, All Out M-A-Dolla' Sign-E, yeah Baby Stase Cardan Loon, Meeno, Huddy Combs, Blinky Blink Yeah, yeah Kianna, Stason Yeah, yeah Cuda Love Black Fred Me Chico Wha-what what what what J.M. Lil' Cease Kim Cristal B-Rock Gutter What the... what the, uh You don't stop Ruff Ryder, DMX, L-O-X Bad Boy, yeah So-So Def JD, Free, yeah, M-A-Dolla' Sign-E, all out

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