A.M. Rock And Roll Testo

Testo A.M. Rock And Roll

baby, you're all back
let's go for a drive today
the leaves are back on the trees again
summer's only weeks away
roll the windows down, tilt the seats way back
click on the cruise control
and turn on that terrible a.m. rock'n'roll

one day, i'm bound to be
a man on the music scene
one day, you're bound to be
on the cover of a magazine
and when it all runs away with us
and our lives are out of control
we'll still have that terrible a.m. rock'n'roll

there is no hurry
there is no hurry here today

someday, we'll settle down
and we'll have a family
with a vineyard up in the hills
somewhere in italy
sunday dinners out in the yard
the sunset all aglow
nothing but opera on that a.m. radio

there is no hurry
there is no worry here today
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