Sunshine Testo

Testo Sunshine

Master Puja When the Sun Shines and children goen to school when the moon shines the the weather is cool When the stars shine And the sky is full When the cars drive there we try to jump ina pull yeah yeah Big Boss Ali Master Puja Honey´d sweet apples they´re rotting away Millions of People never start the race Let it rain man make it bang Niggas in my Hotel Fuck everythang B.T. Let it Rain Let it rain make it bang Niggas in my 'hood sayin' Fuck everythang It need to fault you wanna C-walk and gang bang when you hear the G-talk nigga swing that bitch that hear you brain ball joints niggas can't see me on this micro to bad boy Papa Don´t go in the lockedwide with the Glock got ya pake naked to yayee There were side contact the Thugs Ain't the California Love this walks Mack 10 Yo well by wire popular demand W.S. now I'm back heat low weared that finna jack for another true platinum plaque It ain't know were´re there made since Cube had the curl drippin' on the Raider starter cocke in my ass now bang Smoke ben take ten paces with thr big bright bows in faces W.C. Thunder thunder hot as fire it's return of the kings Zulu really gang bang the empire W.C. the C & B were her coloure who painted the tree painter painter main her later pinta cheap ey L.A. pastas and was thus And nervous pervous flick and klick klick klick klick klick klack back at he she tee out out out an ey me U.S.A. killen me (LIKE ME) rownen whit the mac maniac and W. sheesty my nigga just spend a house and work it some pent it out (out !) Some sheet me when i wrote them out it's the time to meet the gorillas the gangsta the killer & tobin´there Mack: (We Go-Rillas!) and the neg no say to the niggas and fuck everybody how wanna kill us. kill kill kill us Master Puja If ain't a 3 six 5 and you seen to double 0 put on the flo' yo sto´ sto' yo Bang loose off that act to juice Back to niggas how want dessous reloaded shorted dealer wheeler ching ching ching chank your bing chair air this shadys days from and STOP Master Puja yeah!

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