The Only One Testo

Testo The Only One

I was alone when you came running
I was a stranger in the dark
You found the light in me
And you lit up my heart

There was a time when I was broken
There was a piece of me with you
You put me back together
And now I'm brand new

Well I've been trying to find the words to say
That I'll be lost without you
Yeah I'll be lost without you

Coz you're the only one that gets me
And you're the only one that keeps me safe
When I'm far from sleep and lonely
You're the only one that holds me

When I'm out there chasing my dreams
And I've got you by my side
I can put this world behind me
Coz you're the only one that I need tonight

If I forget to say I love you
If I get lost along the way
You'll be the one guiding me back everyday

I know the road hasn't been easy
I know our faith will pull us through
The promise we made through thick and thin still holds through

It doesn't matter how far away we go
In your arms is a place that I call home
The place I call home
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