I'll Take Us Home Testo

Testo I'll Take Us Home

pull out all the stops
we are coming home tonight
a pair of old boxing gloves
in a new fight
where every single scar
well it means something to me
as if life wrote down my history

bottles and road signs
sound like tires on bent wheels
our hands and feet and ordinary thrills
when we unlocked all the doors
just so we could finally breathe
just so we could sew down these torn up sleeves

here we stand with a wolf like shadow
here we stand in the end
hey New York here's our wolf like shadow
hey New York our old friend

this roof could be my bed
blankets feel like the night sky
blankets feel better the heavier they get
red lights can mean go
I'll take us home
I'll take us home
cut down the blinds from my windows
I stood back on the couch
remembered this is my life
with my hands over my head
friends by my side

here is where we'll go
I'll take us home
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