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Testo Change

Wheredid I go wrong?
I changed my life for you,
I changed my days for you,
And everything between.
A broken hero, Is walking over shattered glass,
Trying to make these worlds collide,
While the pieces don't align...
Something must be wrong,
If I'm still losing,
If you're still playing hard to see,
If I'm still chasing ghosts...
So if you want to stay, you better stay,
Chose the laughters not the blames,
Yes it could feed our growing pains,
It's not another jealous song,
Please remember to sing along
Take my eyes don't take the stains,
Change my life don't make it fade,
Take these words an don't complain
And I'll stay here to say
And you say you need a change
And you say you need a change
And you say you need a change
Where did I go wrong?
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