Bitter Sweet Taste Lips Testo

Testo Bitter Sweet Taste Lips

Cut out all frontiers and draw me some pearl strings to wind around me tears, so that I look up the sky over me and rock me asleep until lights end and clouds come so deep. Slowly tell me I'm your need, I'm your smile, I'm your passion, your creed bitter-sweet taste lips Take me away where some white stars light up your skin lightin' it softly Cut down all mistakes and draw me a black line to follow your way I know all the blots can't be wiped out by the time I note down my days underline every wrong word I say Slowly I take my wings and simply start to fly inside your dreams floating in your mind I can't go back cause I see the man that I should be the words you desire Yes I know you're my mirror, my reflection, my blue pen over this sheet, silence strenght that makes we meet I hear your smell when you're far away heart beats givin' light to all my days I know for certain

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