Back To The Bottom Testo

Testo Back To The Bottom

It's dog eat dog when you're a toothless cog
And your funds are insufficient
When the market drops your worth is gone
And you're back at the beginning
Brick in your hand is your pension plan
Clothes on your back is your 401(k)
You'll realize your fucked when you understand
There's got to be a better way

From the bottom to the top
Until they squeeze every last drop
One shift of the ladder and you'll see it all shatter
Back, back to the bottom
When it all comes raining down
We'll be the first ones to hit the ground
Built on our backs, it'll only collapse
Back, back to the bottom

In the burning ash and heaps of trash
What you know will be in ruins
No ceiling of glass, no bourgeois class
And no sanctuary to hide in
After the dive you'll be eaten alive
And your outlook will change
It's a struggle just to survive
When you're at the bottom of the chain

Wealth or debt, it won't mean shit
Back, back to the bottom
Out of the black, into the red
Back, back to the bottom
It'll only last, until the collapse
Back, back to the bottom
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