Backlash Testo

Testo Backlash

I've been around the block, I've heard all the talk
No guilty conscious, just empty promises
We expect a change, but embrace the same
When we finally come to realize, we'll be looking for the one to blame

Brace for the backlash
That's when we make our attack
The lesser of two evils isn't a choice
Repeating what they say isn't a voice
Bigger cages, longer chains
No longer satisfied with minor gains
Brace for the backlash
You'd better watch your back

I wish they'd left us with a choice, another way
But, I can feel the grip around our necks tighten everyday
Cut the funding, fuck the poor, war isn't free
And when things really get bad, we'll just blame the enemy

No one votes, they just complain
And we're stuck with the same problems again
Yes, all power is corrupt
Unless we make a real change, we're fucked
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