Not Just Words Testo

Testo Not Just Words

What am I doing here? Where do I belong?
Is this just me yelling, or lyrics to a song?
It's time to reject the apathetic views
It's time to do away with the bad attitudes
If we can make them think
There's no telling what we can do

These aren't just words, they mean so much more to me
Saying "I disagree" is what can set us free
These aren't just words, they're messages of truth
And I still have faith in the discontent youth

Music without a message is the beginning of the end
We have to keep minds open, on these ideas that we depend
The anger of our generation will fall on deaf ears
Unless we raise our voices loud enough for them to hear

There's so much anger inside, it's up to you to let it out
But don't let frustration be the reason why you scream and shout
Let there be meaning, not just mindless violence
Because you and I, we can make a difference
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