Musa Venit Carmine Testo

Testo Musa Venit Carmine

Musa venit carmine
dulci modulamine:
pariter cantemus,
ecce virent omnia,
prata, rus et nemus.
Mane garrit alaudula,
lupilulat cornicula,
iubente natura,
philomena queritur
antiqua de iactura.
Hirundo iam finsat,
cygnus dulce trinsat
memorando fata,
cuculat et cuculus
per nemora vernata.
Pulchrae canunt volucres,
nitet terrae facies
vario colore,
et in partum solvitur
redolens odore.
Late pandit tilia
frondos, ramos, folia,
thymum est sub ea,
viridi cum gramine,
in quo fit chorea.
Patet et in gramine
iocundoi rivus murmure.
locus est festivus,
ventus cum temperie
susurrat tempestivus.


The goddess inspires our song
sweetly and keeps good time
let us sing in like manner
see how all is blooming
in meadow, farm and pasture.
The morning lark chatters
the little crow clamours
greeting all of creation
whilst the nightingale mourns
what is past and now lost.
Already the swallow flits
as the swan honks sweetly
mindful of the way of things
and the cuckoo echoes
through the verdant woods.
The birds sing so beautifully
the landscape dazzles
in all its diverse colours
and its re-birth releases
such fragrant aromas.
Far and wide the limes stretch out
their leaves, branches and blossoms
and thyme flourishes beneath them
emerald like the very grass
on which our dance is held.
And winding through this grass
a giggling stream murmurs
this place is so delightful
even the wind is hushed here
whispering as befits the season
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