Damn You Testo

Testo Damn You

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
“First of all,” he said, “what is this?
Are you trying to make my heart beat faster
Or are you trying to stop it?”
I pretend I do not know
Maybe you talk too fast
Or maybe it's just too slow
“What in the world,” I said, “do you do?
First you say, 'take it all'
Then you say there's nothing left for you”

Nothing tonight”

Then he sighed like every night
“You always treat me good
But you just never treat me right
Don't get me wrong, I hope you know
You can stick around
As long as you never ever go

Please drop me a line
Tune in tonight”
Damn, I love, I love your life
Damn you, I love your lies sometimes

It's funny how you get so mad
You just cannot stand me
But I'm really not that bad
And some days between two and four
I might broadcast my love
Right to your door

So tune in tonight
I'll drop you a line
I'll drop you a line
Drop you a line
Damn, I love, I love your eyes
Damn you, I love your lies sometimes
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