Me Again Testo

Testo Me Again

Hello, it's me again
I tried to call you yesterday
I tried a couple times before
But another call got in the way
I think I know that you're at home
It makes me unsure, it makes me wonder
The message I left must have been unclear
Because I haven't changed my number
Hello, it's me again
I forgot to tell you all along
Um, just wanted you to know I'm sorry
If anything I did was wrong

It's about Friday isn't it
I mean I didn't mean to speak like that
Or maybe it's about the time I scratched your car
Could it be what I said to you mom?
I always go and say something wrong
I'm trying to please you, but it's kind of hard

Hey, it's me again
I know you need time to think
Or is it just time to be alone
While you go over and under this thing
Leave no stone unturned
In fear I might be hiding
It's a clever way to make sure of something
Without really fighting
Hey, it's me again
Please pick up the phone
I don't think that it's technical
Because I paid the bills and there's a dial tone

It's about Friday, isn't it
I mean I didn't mean to pull you down
I didn't mean to speak like that
Is it the way I answered you?
I yelled and screamed - could be that too
But I'd really like to know
Why don't you call me back
It's about Friday, isn't it
I mean how could I go and pull a stunt like that
Or is it about the time I spilled red wine on your lap?
It's about the Bombay weekend
I went scuba diving with your best friend
Or is it when I threw the rock and made the bees attack?

Hello, it's me again
Call me back
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