Don't Push The River Testo

Testo Don't Push The River

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
I know you wish life would hurry up
and make all your dreams come true
Bring you fame, fortune and love
someone you can really talk to
But honey, the important things
you just can't force
Life has to follow
a natural course, so

Don't push the river
gotta go with the flow
Don't drive the wind
cause it's surely enough gonna blow
Don't push the river
gotta learn how to swim
you can have whatever you want
out of life
all you gotta do is
Jump in !

You may not know,
where the river goes
or where it all will end
Just when you think
that you are all alone
out of the blue come a new friend
so honey, don't you worry about
the way life is
whatever you need next
the river gives
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