I'm Here Saying Nothing Testo

Testo I'm Here Saying Nothing

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Once on a bitter morning I woke to reality
You were telling me the thruth of what you felt
I didn't wanna see but the devil would laugh at me
I didn't wanna face my big mistake
Our love had run out of time
And words were out of season
You would say I was blind, I'd say I've got my reasons
Sadly but it's true, that I can't talk to you

I'm here saying nothing, here saying nothing,
I'm here saying nothing
Since when I don't know
I'm here saying nothing, here saying nothing,
I'm here saying nothing
Got nothing to show
When it doesn't really matter what I do
I will turn the other way

Take a look deep inside you will find it was not that bad
Even though I know the odds were not so high
I know you well I see dark eyed pain inside
You must have gone through minor hell

But today I don't give attention to what you were saying
Living in a lie, it's another field you're playing
Funny but it's true, that I have for you
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