Runnin? Hiding Testo

Testo Runnin? Hiding

Snoop dogg fermato in aeroporto a Lamezia: nelle tasche 50.0000 dollari in contanti
Woman in the mirror she´s looking at her face She´s looking at reflections in so many ways and nothing really matters cuz nothing is for real in a fairytale Might have been a wizard that took her down the road that lead her to the miracle of sounds in stereo so now she´s got directions so now she knows exactly witch way to go 'She is running hiding searching ,finding living, lying and denying Hoping , praying loving, hating healing, faking then awaken Climbing up the ladder cuz water´s getting high rivers overflowing and she is satisfied no need to overdo it it´s better to escape that to be denied no need to overdo it it´s better to escape than to be denied Chorus