Perfect Man Testo

Testo Perfect Man

Two margaritas and a happy hour
Down at the Roosters Tail
Four of us girls from the savings bank
Talkin' bout the perfect male
Well we knew so far we hadn't met him
But we figured we could dream him up
So Debbie took notes on a cocktail napkin
As we talked about who he was

He'd be smart and funny
Have a little money and he liked to do the town
Bring flowers now and then, know how to be a friend
And put that seat back down
He'd be tough and tender, with a killer smile
And he'd never ever get a gut
Becky said girls “If you want perfect give him Kenny Chesney's butt”

We got quiet and misty eyed
As we thought about him walkin' away
Lost in a dream of skin tight jeans
There was nothin' more to say
It was getting late so we told Debbie
Read that list back again
Lets have one more round and raise a glass
And toast the perfect man

(Becky said again)

Cause we seen it on stage when he came through town
Chiseled like a polished stone
Put it on the man we were talkin' about
How we'd all want to take him home

(We all know)

Yea we all know if you want perfect give him Kenny Chesney's butt
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