Cannot Testo

Testo Cannot

kind of high keeps me still
clanging on exhaustion
kind of lie keeps me still
shouting out objection
kind of slag you keep it
with full of smiling fate
dirty face
no hands to grab that reflection

some of pricks stay there
growing up salvation
some of tricks to cheat
to greet Get out of my life
i am here, here and there
to spit out starvation
doubt can help grow you up
its your solution!

in my eyes
blood spits bolting around
and i pick out one by one
in my eyes nothing can spell it in right way
now i close my book down

i cannot swallow, its spinning
speak deep head
for what i wasted last
weak beep sneer
for what he believed in past
he cries "look out look out"
my ears split in two
he cant get out
get out of its breeze
how can i
react to that empty mind?
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