Iguana In Trouble Testo

Testo Iguana In Trouble

Neat meat bleats

Repeat great pork

Velvet, dragnet, trumpet

Who speaks to him??

Clock tick, I wake you up

Lock the shock, I trim the wick

I can buy you cactus with tax!

Kick thick trick out, I wreck quack lack

Break-beck Beef steak, Put it in rack!!

Cactus in my mouth--OUCH!!!

Flar fat trap, it's rude, Put it in rack

Backyard you can hide out

I can see you, SO SICK!

Muck stuck, let it go

Shrimp stinks in the red guidbook

I can buy you cactus with crack!

Pink blink sink junk, Book walks straight ahead

Pointblank frank Prank, Put it in blank!!

He can hurt you with his needle

Don't get needles stuck in your mouth

Be careful "Ouch!" Put it our, Put it out!!
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