The Name Of The Train Is The Hurricane Testo

Testo The Name Of The Train Is The Hurricane

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
All aboard now
Jump up on the H tonight where everything just feels so you know
Get up cause gotta gotta get down alright
You can make your momma proud

Oh yeah come on get off get of
The train leaves at dawn
So get off or get on
(Just tell me where you wanna go)

Just keep it moving like a hurricane and turn it around again
Just keep in shaking like a rattlesnake now just jump
Right out of your skin

Get your frinks now come inside and forn a line
We gotta make some trakcs through town
Scream it out now scream it out loud all ight
Hey just touch the third rail

One night the engine got too hot
But with the sound of the ignition we went somewhere to talk
Hell we almost burned the house down
Or set off the alarms
But when you hear the whistle bowlin'
You just gotta get back on

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