Everything I Need Testo

Testo Everything I Need

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
Moving up and down and from side to side
With so many things to do
I want to go again I want another ride
This time should see it through

We never realised as the years rolled by
No we never really had a clue
But we knew one day we'd come alive
And in the end there's me and you

My babe, she gives me everything
She gives me everything I need

When the winter comes and the cold sets in
As this city's prone to do
They forecast heavy seas and gale force winds
that's really nothing new

When I'm falling down
Deeper than the underground
My thoughts race back to you
Again and again

My babe, she gives me everything
she gives me everything I need

And if you think us fools
And you criticize
Then my friend the joke's on you

My babe, she gives me everything
She gives me everything I need.
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