Kaleidoscope Testo

Testo Kaleidoscope

The sun breaks out to spread the light
that makes me smile and feel alright a favour

the snow is melting on my tongue
so i could sing the whole night long to save us

hello you freaks there in the crowd
yes i can hear your silent shouts it hurts me

it's your world go vote for it
it looked okay but it doesn't fit convert it

say hello to what comes along

now i've changed the scenery
i gave it up 'cos it seemed to be back-dated

grey on grey and the clammy rain
the inky clouds so unrestrained we're fated

i know it's hard to stand the pain
i think i'll turn it once again for pleasure

i've learnt the rules of every game
i know that i can tame the flame forever together

say hello to what comes along

and now i sit in the shade
surrounded by a million daisies
and i've sharpened the blade
to cut their roots they've grown too deep in the ground

i'll show you how to change the world
i know it's hard and you could get hurt don't shiver

it's time to leave the rain outside
so close your eyes enjoy the ride together forever

say hello to what comes along
i'd love to turn you on
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