Do You Wanna Ride? Testo

Testo Do You Wanna Ride?

(hook-mercedes) if you wanna ride in my mercedes boy freak is what we gonna ride do (if you wanna) and if you wanna ride in my mercedes boy this nasty girl gonna put that thing on you (mercedes-rapping) uh uh see i'm a beast when the lights go out and don't be frontin like you don't know what i'm talkin about i keep it real only tru niggaz in my bed and those niggaz be screamin' when i'm givin them head uh yah a nigga to believe in the force if you eaten on my pussy you gonna pay for my drawers you need a car uhh lick you like a lolli-pop none stop a real bitch makin' yo ass drop what chorus (verse 2- Mercedes singing) damn right i could please ya and then you gotta scream my name no no i'm not a teaser when it comes to fuckin' baby thats my game tonite i'm gonna freak ya i know you wanna come inside i can fuck ya or freak ya damn nigga i give a good ride chorus instrumental of porno music with ad-libs of sex by mercedes chorus (mercedes) see baby i want you to work the middle ya see what i'm doing c'mon now baby bring it to me and i'll show you chorus (till fade)

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