Torture (1629) Testo

Testo Torture (1629)

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"

Anna...was praying to a God
She had betraved, so they said
Some folk had seen her flying on a broom
All Hallows Eve, under the moon

The Inquisitor had left her behind
Gone for a bite, food on his mind
The sun eas slowly trying to hide
Behind a town so full of pride
A sight Anna would never see again

Torture in the name of Christ, confess, oh you witch
Torture in the name of christ, you witch you...confess


Sitting naked on the wooden horse
Weights to her legs, what a holy cross
Her bloody hands tied to her back
Her golden hair burned to black

Thumbscrews they had used
To crush each tip of her fingers to a pulp
In the torture chamber, she couldn't feel much more
Of anything...anymore

Torture in the name of christ, confess, oh you witch
Torture in the name of christ, you witch you...confess

Satan's mark...had slipped away
They already searched her body twice today
And it was all in vain

Oh Anna here they come again
Off the horse, strapado for a friend
Up she goes, higher and higher
Anna's crying, screaming: "Liars"


Confess, confess witch
Confess, before you die

"Yes, yes, I am a witch, may Satan take you all"

[solo: Wead]

They dropped her from the ceiling
To a foot above the floor
Her arms and legs disjoined
Screams of pain...then finally no...more
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