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Testo Call Me

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Dial the 7 digits, It's quite simple I'll be there in a hurry Jack be quick Jack be nimble Call me up when you feel the need to talk When words aren't of the essence I'll soothe you with my presence A kiss here and there from head to toe Just call me up when you want more You can be king for a day I'll be your queen let me treat you that way When you need me baby, yeah! Just call me Are you into this If not we can do that 'cause when we get together it's like Lena Horne singin' Stormy weather? We can get loose and kinky Be my teddy bear, forget your every care the M-E-S-H-E-E-L and I aim to please your every little fantasy You can be king for a day I'll be your queen let me treat you that way Get loose work out Work up a sweat till you fall out I'm in the mood for love So we can play house I'll treat you like Julius Caesar Best to bet that I'll treat you like a king, ring a ding ding Just call me up 'cause it ain't nothing but the real thing Dazin' glazin', so amazin' Snugger than a bug in a rug So let's get crazy

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