Soul On Ice Testo

Testo Soul On Ice

We've been indoctrinated and convinced by the white racist standard of beauty The overwhelming popularity of seeing, better off being, and looking white My brothers attempt to defy the white man's law and his system of values Defiles his white woman, but my mum, Master's in the slave house again Visions of her virginal white beauty Dancin' in your head Your soul's on ice Your soul's on ice Brother brother Are you suffering from a social infection mis-direction Excuse me does the white woman go better with the brooks Brothers suit? I have psychotic dreams Your jism in a white chalk line You let my sister go by Used to be customary to bow one's eyes at the sight of a white face konks and fade Creams sad passion deferred dreams I am a reflection of you Black and blue pure as the tears of coal-colored children crying for acceptance You can't run from yourself She's just an illusion Black love anthems play behind white-skinned affection New Birth stereophonic Spanish fly let her cry. But you no longer burn for the motherland brown skin You want blond-haired, blue-eyed soul Snow white passion without the hot comb

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