Kenny Goes To Hell Testo

Testo Kenny Goes To Hell

Little boy. I please,
What is this place beyond the stars?

Open up your eyes,
What are these things you're moving towards?

Head full of wonder, worries in the past,
Could it be that you are free at last?


Little boy, you're going to hell!
You said bad words, threw rocks at the bird
And now, this is your hotel!
You ain't going back, this ain't disneyland, it's HELL!

Little boy, it's time for you to pay!
For hurting that bird, and not going to church
And staring at boobs everyday
Thought You Were In Bed, Instead Your In Hell

Hell isn't good, Hell isn't good, HELL!
No, Hell isn't good, Hell isn't good, HELL!

Adolf Hitler: Something in german..
George Burns: Hey fuckface, have you seen Gracie?
Mahatma Ghandi: There is orderliness the universe
Hell isn't good, Hell isn't good, HELL!
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