El Doctor Testo

Testo El Doctor

(feat. Evils, Tonedeff)

[Doctor speaking]
Hello this is Dr. Callihan.
I see Mexicano a patient of mine over here at the
Ellensens Medical Facility for mental care patients.
I'd like to get an interview from you.
Excuse me, hey what are you doing with my,
let go of my hands. What are you doing?
Get out, stop it. Get off of my head.

Pero es que tu no me conoces doctor. Mi nombre es El Mexicano. Con problemas
desde niño.
Eso no importa!
Tengo problemas desde niño
Al no tener cariño
Me volvi un salvaje
Ahora sientes el coraje
Consumiendo el largo metraje
De resistencia,no tengo paciensa, no tengo paciensa
Doctor, doctor
Tengo problemas desde niño
Al no tener cariño
Me volvi un salvaje
Ahora siento el coraje
Consumiendo el largo metraje
De resistencia
Doctor, ya no tengo paciensa
Y siento que matar me calma mis impulsos
Si un tiro rompe sesos
Imaginate doctor lo que mis lirycas
Causa los celebros de personas que piensa sin sentidos
Escuchen el contenido de mas haya
De mis sentidos celebral
Dejame de empezar a punalar,doctor!
Que me piensan subestimar
Y me mandan a trancar
Obligatoriamente los tengo que asesinar!

[Evils and doctor speking]
[Evils:] Yo! My name is Evils.
[Doctor:] Evils? you're not even on my list.
What's going on here? Let go of that pencil get off no not my painting!

Idolize I send guys to where the fire lies.
You hear the silent cries I flow like a bottle of cyanide
I blaze rhymes when I'm high think you can fly reach for the sky.
Sleep and you die many people done tried .
But haven't succeeded believe it compare me to the Pharaohs from Egypt.
You change from being conceited to a helpless paraplegic.
I say that cause I mean it flash the shiny chrome and ask you to eat it.
Sit back and get heated open up the Bible you drastically need it.
I bring trouble to P.O.W's you and the peeps infront of you.
My desert easy could smother you leave you
where the police could discover you.
Witnesses are irrelevant at least remember it.
I get away from legal settlements delivering amnesia and speech impediments.
You dead wrong how strong could I make a song.
I use the persuasive charm misplace his arm
its still hanging but stapled on.
And it's taking long the torturing
more than four of them ignoring them
General ordering a conventional style slaughtering
The playa you love to hate I wear a Knicks jersey with a number 8.
Eating off your mother's plate.
I cut the rope I would want you to suffocate.

[chorus: Mexicano 777]
Estos cuatro hijos de puta dejan cuerpos tirado
Corazones mutilados de personas fueron encontrados
Entre bolsas asfixiados su cuerpos desplomados
Doctor, doctor

[Doctor speaking]
Wait what are you doing with my
Stop fucking my secretary!
Who the fuck are you!

I don't give a fuck I'm Tonedeff
and you just won a fortune of pain and embarrassing harassment
Social Disdain, niggas wouldn't believe your rhymes if you put Cher in it
I'm tearing kids with an arrogant air apparent
The closer my hands get to your neck
you start squealing just like a Theramin
I'm squaring in, my target's locking, deliveries partly shocking
You could be a geologist and you'd be hardly rocking
Chicks in the bar be flocking at me, exposing their panties
And gladly holding em open, like you, they're hoping to scam me
Leave you broken and badly bruised, in flows I'm soaking fannies
Flows are nasty and you're a whore and a pansy Moore than Mandy
Who's courting for candy and snorting with Brandy wore to the Grammy's
Tore your family heritage. Your chance of winning's 50% less than marriages
Leave you a vegetable like asparagus
Pull plugs outta sockets with hand gestures
Your voice is annoying, and it don't fit like Fran Drescher's
I be verbally ambidextrous
With a grip so tight, every word I udder will make a cow attest to this
Tempestuous energy's readily emitted
Just stepping to me is a crime, and this here is the penalty to fit it
Transgressions committed are never acquitted
I'll bust a nut in your mouth
tell you to rhyme and you still couldn't spit it
You're fragmented like a hard drive partition defect
Don't even front, you're a Mobb Deep audition reject
I cannot fucking stand, when bitches like you
get on the fucking microphone and can't be yourself on a jam
Yo, Mexicano,Tonedeff, Maestro and Evil
We jack it up, we're fucking lethal

[chorus: MExicano 777]
Estos cuatro hijos de puta dejan cuerpos tirado
Corazones mutilados de personas fueron encontrados
Entre bolsas asfixiados su cuerpos desplomados
Doctor, doctor [x4]

[Docotr screaming]
What's going on here?
I don't even know what to do anymore.
Wait uh all of you just let go!
Let go! Just stay away from me!
Stay away from me!
I know how to use this stapler
I know how to use this fucking stapler, please stay back.
I have a wife, kids a mistress and a dog that I fuck on the weekends
Please don't. Stay back, stay back.
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