Jabberjaw Testo

Testo Jabberjaw

i meant it metaphorically
i'm here to save the day
spiderman and batman, waiting for a catscan
there's nothing left to say
you analyze the problems
you thought they went away
space ghost, a new host, for cartoons on the west coast
it'll never be the same
turn it down,
turn it down
my dad would always say
i know you've seen them all before

turn it down,
turn it down
please go outside and play
i can't take it, when you're screaming,
in the basement, and the t.v.,
is so loud i can't concentrate

i watch'm catagorically
my pillows on the floor
saturday, morning, is really getting boring
they leave me wanting more
spending all my free time
watching all i can
a looney toon, community, wonder who is gonna be
the one who understands
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