O... Saya Testo

Testo O... Saya

(feat. A. R. Rahman)

O... saya
They can't touch me
We break off
Run so fast they can't even touch me
Been that -
Touch me I'll show you - my zig zag quickly
Pick up that pack on my journey
Don't suddenly start to follow me
I am in a luck, some days they suck
When we live by the buck
We get for the family

One day I wanna be a star
So I get to hang in a bar
I'll go to vegas in a -
Just to forget my scars

Ek do teen char panch... terah (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 till 13) (hindi)

Street shops have made me thrifty
Like a ninja with speed I am nifty
I hope I live till I am fifty
See my city go a quick to a -
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