From Noon To Midnight Testo

Testo From Noon To Midnight

Do it tight, push that button right
You are all wet, streaming hot
Get the crave
Oh your strong hands take control over me
I make you sweat, give me noise
I like that
I don't care how we do it
As long as you are doing it to me
Do it, Do it tight
L'et's do it baby from noon till midnight
Mmh yeah that's good
On the sheets come again
Your silky skin wraps me in
I like that
I don't care at all where you do it to me
As long as you are doing it to me
I like the elevator (all you need is love)
And the public trasportation
I like the car
I like the bed
I like the park
I like it like that
Is that enough? Do you want more?
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