Clientele Testo

Testo Clientele

[Hook x2 : Rich The Kid]
I got bells like trees on Christmas
Like Papa got them chickens
Got a red foreign bitch, she whip it
She can do, she can do the dishes
Clientele, clientele, clientele, clientele
I got bricks I don't need no scale
I'm the plug bitch I got clientele

[Verse 1 : Rich The Kid]
[?] crazy, my bands gone crazy
In the kitchen water whippin' cause I got clientele
I don't need a scale, shift it to the metal
Got all white bitch I ain't tellin' no tale
50 bricks in the ceiling [?]
Big [?] blunts [?] Jamaican
True Religion pants got 50k in em'
Foreign bitch like [?]
[?] Maserati
Money [?] like Bill Cosby
Droppin' bands in Lennox while you shoppin' at the hobby lobby
My ice, [?] like [?] Spring water
Bitch I am the plug I can take your order


[Verse 2 : Chinx Drugz]
I got bricks I don't need no scale
Get knocked out and gettin' no bell
[?] East side [?]
That Southside cartel
Them hoes love how I roll
Keep bad bitch on their toe
I got the bitch of your dreams
But that's [?]
My watch cost bout fourty
They came with a Glock fourty
You reach for it, you seek for it
We're breaking new, top stories
Them bricks truck we roll up then we hop out
Know a couple real niggas got real money hit rock bottom

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