Survivor Testo

Testo Survivor

Hey survivor,
don't close your eyes
take advantage
sliding on the night
hey survivor
Don't matter who you are
time ran so far away
and you must save your life
(we know you can do it now....)
Hey survivor
Lonely with the moon
heart is broken
and there's nothing else to loose,
you're the one that we belong to
they chose the game to play
but they won't win again
(we know you can do it now....)

Hey survivor
you're gonna fly away
to the places you've been
many times with a friend
hey survivor,
don't you be afraid
we are waiting for you
and soon you'll be back again
hey survivor,
we're gonna fly away
there will be another day
and people won't be afraid
hey survivor
you will fall in love again,
knockin' on the door
you will think about the things
to say
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