I'll Teach You How To Stunt Testo

Testo I'll Teach You How To Stunt

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
Mike Jones...Mike Jones
Swishahouse, turn my mic up hold up..
Yeahhhhh, it's almost there baby.. yeah

I'll teach you how to stunt, with my VVS's
on my wrist and necklace and my platinum grill
I'll teach you how to stunt, next to I730
I don't think ya'll heard me so I'ma say it again
I'll teach you how to stunt, with my princess cuts
so put them baguettes up cause they ain't shining man
I'll teach you how to stunt, when I step on stage
and throw cash for dayz because I'm ballin man

[Verse 1]
I got VVS's shining when I show off my teeth
I got name brand clothes from my head to my feet
A major without a major deal, I don't need no major
I went platinum underground I'm independently major
Some niggaz walk around frontin, pretend to be stuntin
But we all know they ain't doing nuttin but bumpin
I see niggaz walkin around with these fake ass jews
I see niggaz on twenty's talkin about they twenty twos
I see hoes coming to shows switchin clothes
And they high cap like they done spun a bank roll
See I got hoes for dayz, clothes for dayz cash flow for dayz no minimum wage
I stay grindin playa, that's why I'm shining
Mike Jones running the game that perfect timing

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