Quick 2 Back Down Testo

Testo Quick 2 Back Down

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
[Mike Jones: Talking]
Mike Jones, who? - Mike Jones, who? - Mike Jones
Final Chapter, 2k4, SwishaHouse, Mike Jones

Rumor is, alot of people hatin' me
But I'ma tell y'all what I've been doin' lately
Stackin' chips, flippin' whips, rollin' around packin' clips
Fuckin' hoes between they lips I hit the block get a knot and dip
Mo-Mo woodgrain I grip, purple drank from the cup I sip
Invicible set, princess cuts shinin' from behind my lips
Michael Watts choppin' & screwin', runnin' the game is what I'm goin'
Michael Watts choppin' & screwin', runnin' the game is what I'm goin'
King of the Streets is my next underground, after that
I'ma drop Platinum Underground
281-330-8004, if you wanna know more hit me up on the low
Mike Jones clothes comin' out, Mike Jones movie comin' out
I got hot in the game, now I got groupies comin' out
To my shows, cuz they know that I'ma flow-pro
When I step on the micro, I'ma give the world a show
5 G's for me to speak, open mouth platinum teeth
I get G's everytime I speak, everyday of the week
I'm the King of these Streets, motherfucker
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