Everything I Want Testo

Testo Everything I Want

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
You started up first day
At Seven or maybe Eight
You crashed into my life with a boom
You came over as a guest
I said I like you and I confess
About ten o'clock I was making fun of you
You stayed for a while
Then left with a Smile
But at least i made you happy
You made me happy too
Its kinda cheezy to say but

YOU'RE everything I want
When i'm with you i overheard and stop
YOU'RE anything that fits my love
And i'll never replace you
'Cause i'll never find love so true

Its only been three days
You're playing the waiting game
And acting cool when we're not together
I drove you hame from school
When I'm with you i feel so tool
I wish this feeeling would last forever
And I stare into space
My heart starts to race
At least i've got your picture
You gave me yesterday
Its kinda cheezy to say but

CHORUS (scroll back up if you have to)

Looking back at us
Two years and we're going strong
They say time flys when you're having fun
I never wanna be alone AGAIN no no
No, you're everything I want
When I'm with you I overheard and stop
YOU'RE anything that fits my love
No, you're everything I want
YOU'RE everything I want
And I'll never replace you
'Cause I'll never find love that's so true
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