I Thought I Lost You Testo

Testo I Thought I Lost You

MILEY: Nobody listens to me, Dont hear a single thing i say, Say anythings to me, Anything to get you on my head. Dont know how i really feel, Cause its the faith that makes it like that i dont care Dont know how much it hurts to turn around like u were never there Like somehow you could be the break And i could walk away from the promises we made And swore we'd never break (Miley and Travolta) Chorus: I thought I lost you when you ran away to try to find me I thought i'd never your sweet face again I turned around and you were gone and on and on the base print I kept the moments that we were in And i knew in my heart that you would come back for me my friend And now i got you When i thought i lost you! BRIDGE TRAVOLTA I told myself i wouldnt sleep Till i searched the world from sea to sea MILEY I made a wish upon a star I turned around and there you were, TOGETHER: And now here we are MILEY: Here we are I thought I lost you TRAVOLTA: I thought I lost You! MILEY: YOU TOGETHER: Yeh i thought I lost you

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