Moody's Mood Testo

Testo Moody's Mood

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There I go, there I go, there I go
pretty baby you are the soul that snaps my control
Such a funny thing but every time I'm near you
I never can behave
You give me a smile and then I'm wrapped up in your magic
Music all around me
crazy music
music that keeps calling me very close to you
turns me into your slave
come and do with me anything you want to
and let me get next, just let me get next to you
And I do usually see
I really see
heaven in your eyes
bright as stars that shine up above you
in the deep blue sky
How I worry about you,
I just can live my life without you
baby, come here
don't have no fear
Oh, is there wonder why
I'm really feeling in the mood for love
So tell me why stop to think about this weather my dear
their sweet dreams might fade away
there I go down night at my heels
I'm in the mood for love
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