Lord Of The Strings Testo

Testo Lord Of The Strings

(feat. J. Ivy)

[J. Ivy]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I, J. I wanna write somethin immaculate, cause that's what you are
I would say you're bright like the little lights in the night
but you're so far beyond the stars
M'lady you're bad like the water found on Mars
You see when she places the violin under her chin and begins a
melody breezes through the atmosphere like angel's wind
Her harmony feels right like when angles bend
When she strikes a chord, my Lord
She impacts the earth like Mr. Bojangles tappin in Timbs
With her no my flow can't be down
I scribe of fountains
Cause she makes me feel like I can climb mountains
Like proto in sound
Isn't it obvious this ma'am isn't merely a queen
This clearly, this gift is Miri
Lord, of the Strings
J. Ivy (Lord of the Strings)
Miri Ben-Ari (Lord, Lord of the Strings)
Play a little love for 'em
To the whole world, Chi-Town
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