A True Story Testo

Testo A True Story

Time ago I saw a lady banging her head on night pole
she was drunk, up set and I could barely ask her "excuse me why?"
she was bleeding, crying, weeping looping incomprehensible words
pointed her finger at a tree and this is what she screamed at me

My cat! My cat! Fell from the roof
and landed on that maple tree
My cat! My only love and friend is dying on that fucking tree

Then she crumbled on the sidewalk splashin' in a pool of red blood
punching the ground and her knees and begging "my lord help me please!"
pulled out something from her pocket a family picture and a 357
started puking her disgrace and placed the picture in front my face

My son! He's a great musician he's around the world, now touring
My son! He's a stupid loser
Spits out shit instead of singing
My husband, ugly mutherfucker can away with all our money
took a plane to Casablanca everyone now calls him Vanessa

People came to watch the scene and she started raging out
pointed the gun at her head and rumbled "who wants to see me dead?"
the next thing that I heard was boom! but the lady did not die
turned her head up to the crowd and she started screaming up so loud

I cannot die, I'm immortal I'm controlled by the UFOs
I was abducted in 1921 (my friend this life goes)
leave me alone, don't hassle me there's nothing wrong with my head
I'm locked out, I lost my keys and I just want to go to bed
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