Heart Of It Testo

Testo Heart Of It

(feat. Scant, Layzie Bone)

[Heartbeat. Heartbeat monitor. Commotion]

[Layzie (Scant)]
We thuggish ruggish niggas always, always, always...
Straight from the heart...
(Hey, na, na, na, na, na, na...)

Everybody wanna piece of our click
even the niggas that's talkin' shit
All our on dick (Mo Thug...)
Better get your woman
Get the fuck gone, and leave us alone
You ready for war, nigga? I'm ready
Well, consider yourself dead
When a infrared beam shinin' on your forehead, enough said
He lay dead, we want you niggas to realize without doubt
No head, your body will crumble
That's why we tell you
Be humble in this game of fortune and fame
We done never change for nothin' in the world
We live for the baby boys and girls
We brought 'em to the Promised Land
We done had this dream since little men
Can you understand? So how can you knock us
Won't stop us, for livin' dreams?
It really seems you's a hater for tryin' to play us
It really don't cost but a dime
To stay the fuck outta mine
'Cause you always find
'Cause I'm that scandalous playa (playa)
Ah, gettin' down for his grind (grind)

[Layzie (Scant)]
Bone got the brainpower
Mo Thug got the muscle
(The heart of it all. The heart of it all)
I said Bone got the brainpower
Mo Thug got the muscle


Niggas say my music ain't art
Nigga, it's from the heart
Bitch, we bawlin'
Niggas pray they can see us fallin'
But the liquor just keep callin' me
Haulin' me to the front of line
Makin' me thinkin' about dyin'
I'm tryin' to keep, keep my composure
Nigga, I showed you bitch
We soldiers ready for battle
Rattle my tail like a snake, when you hate
Cross my family - nigga you made a mistake
I'm at your wake, now, wake up
I done keep it the same ol'
Ask my cousin Scant-O
Blame your losses on these bosses
We flawless and nigga we claim Mo
Mighty Mo Thug that is, put it on my kids
Nigga, the real deal, meet us in the field
Nigga, we kill through the heart
Who's smart? Nigga, who started this?
It's me - #1
#1 with a gun (#1 with a gun) bloody redrum


You know, we soldiers, we soldiers
Let 'em know
We soldiers, we soldiers
We told ya
Niggas don't realize it's the almighty Mo


I'm kickin' in your door
And I'm lettin' every nigga know
If you wanna play a part, you gotta have heart
This organization can't stand playa hation, now
Do you believe? Wanna achieve your goal?
Don't turn around and sell the devil your soul
Use every piece of energy, you feelin' me?
Is you feelin' me?
Niggas wanna have this power to do they thang
Bang - no brains, no power
The mission's about to go sour - I give it a hour
Bone got the brainpower, us thugs got the muscle
Let's put this puzzle together
And you know, what we comin' up with?
A organization that can never be fucked with
Bitch, you know like I know - it's all about the mighty Mo Thugs
We smokin' much bud
And givin' you real niggas love, y'all
United we stand, divided we fall
Mo Thug will always stay strong
And peace to the end of the road
I'm gone


We soldiers, we soldiers
We soldiers, we told ya


[Layzie (Scant)]
That's from the heart, baby (From the heart)
Scant-O (Layzie), Lil' Lay
What's happenin'? (Baby, we be puttin' our all in here, baby)
That's how we do it (I love you, nigga)
You know, I love you, nigga
From the heart, nigga (from the heart) the heart of it all
(Much love to all our babies out there)
Buck, buck, (Rest in peace Tombstone)
But I ain't gon' hit you with the last buck
'Cause we got heart for ya
But don't make me (Kiss his ass good night)

[Kiss. Heartbeat]
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