Flushed Testo

Testo Flushed

I was sitting in my stall
Like any other day
Crying over everything
And then to my dismay

I was feeling better then
My toilet flushed me down again

Getting flushed
Down the toilet
So much for staying dry
'Cause suddenly I
Landed in the lake
Under water
Don't know what I did
I'd do anything to get away
From that old giant squid

Things weren't looking up
And I was pretty lost
When you're in the dark alone
You'd escape at any cost

Then Harry showed up soaking wet
Maybe I won't leave just yet!


So I helped him with his task
And he flashed me a smile
Harry, he is such a stud
And so I stared a while

Then I returned to my stall
The lake's not so bad after all!

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