Search For Something New Testo

Testo Search For Something New

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
I'm beginning my search for something new
A more meaningful inspired point of view
Raising my standards much higher
Raise to our feet to expire as we hit the ground
Up and running quicky down this narrow hall
With barely any light
Yet this exit light's so bright

Whispering the comforts
Of a generation not lost, but found
We'll take what we hate
And we'll mold them to be great
To see those smiles on thier face

You don't need to cross the world
Or even find another girl
To find the answers that you've been looking for
It's all inside your brain
Choice you take to make a change
As the water flows underneath the bridge to find your...

You don't need to change the world
And the problems you've ignored
Will follow you, where ever you run to
Where you run to
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