Broken Dream Testo

Testo Broken Dream

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
One more illusion shattered,
One more broken dream,
Oh that the morning brings the sun.
Gone are the days when I could bounce right back again.
See how the tears roll down
Like sweet summer rain?
Where does it leave me now?
I find myself so free again.
Even the smallest traces
Of your sweet perfume
Open the floodgates and I'm helpless.
Now, as the moonlight shadows
Cast across my room,
Only the whispered words
Are heard in the night;
Only a silent prayer:
“I love you still
I always will.”

Out of the dark I stumbled
Into the light.
Only my fear has tumbled.
I think I always knew
That I would run to you.

Somewhere there's children playing
Somewhere far away,
Running with open arms to greet me.
Over the hill the sunset
Dies and fades away.
I turn and close the door
With one last goodbye.
I will return no more:
I'll take my heart and let it fly.
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