I'll Be Level With You Testo

Testo I'll Be Level With You

Amici, ecco i finalisti
Little guy, little hands, little eyes and lots of time,
What you gonna be, what you gonna see
When your eyes are level with mine?
I'll be level with you.

I don't know what I would do
If I had to face the things that you've got coming down the line.

Lots of luck, lots of health, lots of wealth, little pain,
That's what I want for you but there's little I can do
To put you on the gravy train.

I'll be level with you.

You'll always end up coming through,
But you'll find yourself lost in space now and again.

But you have to have a world you can live in,
Not a world where all hope is gone
And as long as we are here together
We must build a home for the free.

Filled with pity,
Not pain,
That's loving and sane,
Not divided by hate
And living in spite
'til it's too late.

Life is here,
Love will come in the end, give it time,
There's wonders still to do and I know you'll find it's true
That yours will be bigger than mine.

I'll be level with you.

The one thing I hope you will do is tell me about what
You're doing from time to time.